We create the framework for optimal traffic flow

The CAPTN Flex project is our smart city project. Here, AI methods and architectures are used for data collection as well as for efficient processing and analysis in order to improve mobility forecasts, for example about the traffic load on the main travel routes and traffic control (e.g. guided routing of buses). This data is supplemented by further information such as weather and traffic data. This should result in new fields of application and services.

The scope of CAPTN Flex includes the development of framework conditions for data collection and analysis as well as interfaces to existing (traffic) data systems. On the other hand, the project partners want to collect and use movement profiles. As a first step, they will create more acceptance for such data collection among the population. Ultimately, this information should also be integrated into a new mobility platform.


The project is funded within the framework of the AI ​​Schleswig-Holstein guidelines of the state government.


  • Kiel University
  • r2p GmbH