The CAPTN initiative consists of numerous partners, actors and interest groups. The initiators of the CAPTN initiative, Dr. Wiebke Müller-Lupp and Dr. Karsten Pankratz. You will be supported by the employees of the CAPTN office. It serves as an interface, coordination and communication point for overarching activities of the initiative. For the external appearance, the initiative has both a scientific and an economic spokesman at its disposal.

CAPTN Bureau

Steffen Stadler
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Ann-Christin Wimber
Press & public relations
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Vincent Steinhart-Besser
Industrial design & styling
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CAPTN Koordinatoren

Dr. Wiebke Müller-Lupp
Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel GmbH
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Dr. Karsten Pankratz
Business area transfer of the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel
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CAPTN Speaker

Dr. Dirk Nowotka
WG Reliable Systems of the Technical Faculty of the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, scientific speaker of the CAPTN initiative
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The position of economic spokesman for the CAPTN initiative is currently vacant.