The association CAPTN e.V. aims to strengthen the various activities of the CAPTN initiative in one organization, to create synergies between the projects and to support the network in the long term. The association serves as a common platform for communication, external representation and scientific exchange for the initiative and association members. At the same time, it is easier to create structures under a common, fixed brand umbrella, to pursue goals and to establish the sustainable mobility chain in society.

The association was founded in December 2022. The founding members include Karsten Pankratz (Kiel University), Axel Koch (Kiel University), Andreas Mues (Anschütz GmbH), Daniel Sommerstedt (Anschütz GmbH), Björn Schwarze (Addix), Werner Kässens (KiWi GmbH), Hendrik Dankowski (Kiel University of Applied Sciences). ), Dirk Nowotka (Kiel University), Jan Zahlmann-Nowitzki (TKMS) Arne Zerbst (Muthesius Art University), Wiebke Müller-Lupp (Kiel Science Center), Andreas Borchardt (Kiel University of Applied Sciences).

Dirk Nowotka was elected the first chairman; his deputy is Björn Schwarze. Werner Kässens acts as treasurer.