Welcome to the network for modern mobility

We are CAPTN, the Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network. We are committed to establishing a mobility chain of autonomous, clean modes of transport on water and on land. We want to make local public transport safer, more sustainable and attractive. Numerous projects under the brand umbrella of the CAPTN initiative have already been created with this common goal in mind. With the overarching vision in mind, partners from society, business, science, politics and administration have joined forces to

  • develop new mobility concepts,
  • research the use of sustainable energies,
  • connect different modes of transport with each other and
  • create a future-oriented transport association from this.

Our vision

The vision of the regional CAPTN innovation network is an urban mobility system characterized by autonomous solutions that is integrated, safe and attractive, significantly reduces individual traffic and intelligently connects the various modes of transport on land and water in a climate-friendly and user-friendly manner.

Our mission

The CAPTN initiative deliberately combines technical, economic, social, design and socio-political issues in order to develop innovative, marketable, system-capable and sustainable products and services and offer them worldwide.


july 2024