We deliver secure, stable networks for autonomous transport and create a virtual test field

The Fjord 5G project focuses on the development, testing and demonstration of systems that use the 5G mobile communications standard to enable autonomous waterborne transport modes and their connection to other public transport vehicles.

The project includes a 5G simulation in a virtual test field, 5G data management and a 5G control center to monitor autonomous maneuvers. To this end, Vodafone Germany is equipping areas near the city center and close to the Fjord with 5G-infrastructure.

Other potential applications are being researched and tested:
a) optimizing port logistics with 5G and
b) in regards to sailing competitions, especially in the broadcasting of sailing regattas, e.g. as part of the German Sailing League or the Kiel Week.


The project is financed by the partners’ own funds and federal subsidies.
The German Federal Ministry of Digitalization and Transport (BMDV) is supporting the “Fjord 5G” project with four million euros over the next three years. The City of Kiel had applied for the funding as part of the 5G Innovation Program. A positive funding decision was made in November 2021.

The federal 5G Innovation Competition is designed to promote innovative 5G pilot projects in pioneering regions. These projects serve to develop and test concrete 5G applications and business models under real-life conditions in local communities.
The BMDV (formerly: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) had already funded the development of the implementation concept with 100,000 euros.


  • City of Kiel
  • Kiel University
  • Vodafone GmbH
  • AVL Deutschland GmbH
  • Anschütz GmbH
  • ADDIX Internet Services GmbH
  • Science Hub Kiel GmbH
  • Port of Kiel
  • HH Vision


As part of the project, Vodafone Germany is equipping the part of Kiel’s inner fjord near the city center with 5G and is will expend this area over the course of the project.


As part of the project, Vodafone Germany will equip the part of Kiel’s inner fjord that belongs to the city center with 5G by the end of 2021 and will expand this area during the course of the project. See also:
Project page of Vodafone GmbH

Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure