This is CAPTN:

The goal of the CAPTN initiative is to develop and implement an environmentally friendly, autonomous mobility chain for public transport in Kiel and the surrounding area, which is to be extended to Germany and the world in the future.

A number of joint projects are dedicated to this goal: CAPTN Förde 5G, CAPTN Förde Areal, CAPTN KI and CAPTN Flex have been expected and/or funded by various organizations. These include University of Kiel, FuE GmbH, a subsidary of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the City of Kiel and individual researchers. The project consortia also include many regional and national companies such as Anschütz, Addix, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH and AVL Software and Functions.

The CAPTN office was established in 2022 as a contact point for all project partners. Its role is to maintain an overview of the project landscape, create structures, coordinate common interests, identify potential gaps in the vision, and provide internal and external communication for the CAPTN Initiative.

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