CAPTN is supported by our numerous partners

“That which is composed of parts in such a way that it forms a unified whole – not in the manner of a heap, but like a syllable – is evidently more than the mere sum of its parts.” (In short: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts) This metaphysical quote is attributed to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. It reflects very well the dynamics of the CAPTN initiative. Many partner organizations and companies are working to realize our vision.

The state capital of Kiel and its companies are important partners. For Kiel as a marine protection city, the project approach means implementing innovative urban transport infrastructure, strengthening tourism and making a contribution to Kiel’s supra-regional appeal as the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, the climate goals of the state capital can also be achieved.

Without the commitment of each individual, we would not be moving forward in the way we are currently doing. CAPTN attaches great importance to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation at all levels – and welcomes any new industrial or research partner who is interested in realizing our vision.