The focus of the alliance project CAPTN ENERGY SH is the development of an efficient supply mode for renewable energies. The goal is to develop a local value chain for renewable energies from energy production to energy transport to energy use in the maritime sector. The innovation field concentrates on the design of this intelligent supply chain with a focus on conversion, transport, storage and the land-sea interface.

The intelligent control of the processes and the integration and networking of the players is at the heart of the project. Concrete technological application areas to be integrated into this supply chain are primarily the transformation of energy generated from wind power into energy carriers such as green hydrogen and methanol. Likewise, infrastructure measures such as safe transport systems and demand-oriented storage options near water or a direct interface with maritime consumers, e.g. through refueling options for hydrogen-powered shipping, are to be investigated and implemented.

By integrating relevant actors and existing energy networks in the region, a broad spectrum of technical, economic, scientific and social competencies can be brought together in the alliance project. As part of the CAPTN initiative, CAPTN ENERGY SH occupies a key position between existing project initiatives for the generation of renewable energies and their use in maritime applications such as Westküste100 KielFlex, NEW 4.0 and the Kiel shore power connection.

Innovation fields Energy SH


The BMBF has funded the development of an implementation concept from March to November 2021 with over 250,000 Euro.


  • Kiel University
  • Kiel University of Applied Sciences
  • ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems