MS “Wavelab” arrives at home port

28. June 2023

The next step has been taken: our experimental vessel- the research catamaran MV “Wavelab” – has arrived at its test site. Dr. Uwe Kretschmer, Head of Maritime Research at WTD 71, is pleased that the Wavelab, as a modern research platform, can now begin its research work in the safe harbor of the Kiel Naval Arsenal. With this, the departmental research facility of the German Federal Armed Forces is extending its hand to civilian research. The area will serve as a digital testbed for the CAPTN initiative. Here, researchers will develop and test automated and autonomous driving in a realistic functional environment. They will also test the functioning of the intelligent infrastructure needed for self-driving shipping.

Kretschmer symbolically extended his hand to Jan Bachmann of FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH after the Wavelab successfully entered the port. The company is the operator of the research catamaran and is responsible for the upcoming research steps in CAPTN Fjord Area II. Until the research trips begin, the captains will use the time to familiarize themselves with the catamaran. After that, the real work will begin: the exploration of autonomous navigation on the Kiel Fjord.

Dr. Uwe Kretschmer (WTD 71), right, welcomes Jan Bachmann (FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH) and the MS “Wavelab” in the digital test area of the CAPTN initiative. (Photo: A. Wimber)